Populations in Transition

1. Populations in Transition
Explain population trends and patterns in births (Crude Birth Rate), natural increase and mortality (Crude Death Rate, infant and child mortality rates), fertility and life expectancy in contrasting regions of the world. Analyse population pyramids. Explain population momentum and its impact on population projections.
5 hours
Explain dependency and ageing ratios. Examine the impacts of youthful and ageing populations. Evaluate examples of a pro‑natalist policy and an anti‑natalist policy.
4 hours
Discuss the causes of migrations, both forced and voluntary. Evaluate internal (national) and international migrations in terms of their geographic (socio‑economic, political and environmental) impacts at their origins and destinations.
6 hours
Examine gender inequalities in culture, status, education, birth ratios, health, employment, empowerment, life expectancy, family size, migration, legal rights and land tenure.
4 hours